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1st African American brewer hits GA craft beer scene

Down home brewing as a start-up a craft brewery with an eye on eventually taking advantage of a new Georgia law that expands the sales opportunities of beer makers the two men behind it Chris Reeves and William Allen more haven’t quit their day jobs yet doing this whole time on question myself are you sure you want to do this yes I hope I’m not sweating a little bit every couple of weeks they can their product a hundred cases at a time while doing so they blaze a trail of sorts down-home is the first production brewery in Georgia with african-american owners so it was fun to see people’s reactions to it oh say it like okay this is cool and then you see the back story behind it and we tell our story with our families and how it comes from a place of family people really get excited to it and make it really relate to it there are 66 breweries in Georgia up 20% since the new law was enacted last year Brewers say there’s been 35 million dollars in brewery investment since then and 250 new workers in the industry modest but more than it was Nancy Palmer of the Georgia craft beer guild says the expansion of the industry naturally leads to more diversity I think that George has been long overdue to have african-americans as leaders in this particular industry clearly we could use more women in this industry as well and having a story that can people can connect with is crucial and making a craft beer successful in this case down homes icon is Herschel Thompson a Walton County share cropper and Reeves his late grandfather a good god-fearing man we love God and I learned a lot through him so he’s uh out enjoying the world steel the startup is modest producing beer with the help of another Brewer called blue tarp the goal is a standalone shop of their own a niche in a growing market and to put their day jobs behind them in Decatur Doug Richards 11alive news