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– Ouma condensed milk (speaking foreign language). – Oh, my condensed milk (mumbling) biscuit? – Yeah. (“Stinger”) – How much alcohol is in this because I wanna get turned. – It’s refreshing just to look at it. – Yeah, it’s just gorgeous. – Alright. – What do they say in South Africa, cheers? – Cheers. – Cheers. – This is very good. – This is fine, whatever. – Damn, bitters and juice. – It’s like drinking a soft gust of air. – If you told me I was drinking alcohol right now I would believe you. – I would too, and I’d get fake drunk too. (“Stinger”) – Biltong. It looks like cool bacon. – It’s like stained glass of meat. – When your fingers get really shriveled from water, this is what they feel like. – You OK there? – I could eat all of this. – It’s hard to get through. – It tastes like, “It’s bacon!” What is that, Beggin’ Bits? – Oh yeah. Bacon, bacon, bacon. Bacon, bacon, bacon, bacon.

– It’s like you set up to make some jerky, but after a day you get impatient and so you’re just like, oh it’s good enough. (“Stinger”) – Peck’s Anchovette. – No, why? – So, they’re only girl anchovies in there. Oh! – It smells like what they would feed penguins. – Uh, this bread was so good until now. – I like that. – I don’t. – It just feels and tastes like pate. – When do they eat this? When children have been naughty? – A bunch of fish washed up on a beach, and then rotted there for a couple days, and then we just ate the sand underneath it.

– Pilchards and/or mackerel and/or anchovies. Lot of and/or’s in there. – Yeah, so we definitely just ate some dolphins. (“Stinger”) – Rusks, that sounds so good, right, look at this, (laughing) this little old baker woman who’s just up to no good. That’s what I imagine a prettier version of the witch who ate Hansel and Gretel. – It sort of looks like Diglett, like the Pokemon. This is the evolved form of Diglett. – Smells like those crackers you get at the pediatrician when you were good, and they’d be like, “Here’s a delicious cracker.” – Someone had insurance. – Cheers. – Oh my gosh. – Holy smokes. – You gotta have a bite to eat this. You have to have teeth. – I would like to break this up and crumble it over some ice cream. – Oh yeah! – I feel like I would eat this under circumstance, but if I had a choice, I wouldn’t be like, “Give me the Oumas.” (“Stinger”) – This looks like what everything we ate becomes. – It looks like a giant Slim Jim. Or just like, I guess it would just be a Jim.

– This is like sausage that your grandpa forgot about. – Oh! – Tree bark exterior. – Nice moss interior. – Oh, what’s that flavor? – Woah. – If you heat this up, you put some ketchup on it, and maybe some mustard and a bun. Get a pretzel bun. – Put some anchovette on it. – Ohh, I wouldn’t do that. (“Stinger”) – Right off the bat these remind me of Flotsam and Jetsam, or his little evil friends. – Is it fried? It smells like anything that you fry in oil.

– It definitely is fried, right? – OK, Minsby. – Mmmmm, finally. – These are even better than the rusks. – Dog food. – Kinda, right? – Straight up dog food. – This is (bleep) wonderful. – What? – Everyone loves dough. If I could eat the Dough Boy, I would. – I feel like everything we ate was something you eat when you’re exceptionally drunk. – Every single South African food is amazing. It’s so good. – This is a miracle. .