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Guide to Beer Types & Classification : About Microbreweries & Beer Classification

Hi, my name is Ivan and we are here with Expert Village and in this clip we’re going to learn about beers, different kind of beers. In this very clip we’re going to learn about lagers or pilsners. And, since we talked about strong beers, each beer company has something of a strong beer, with a little bit higher alcohol content. We are going to pick, or I picked, the Hungarian Borsodi, this company was founded in 1973 and they own a couple of different brands and are very well recognized in Hungary. And, they came up with a Bivaly which means Bor it’s a Borsodi Sor with 6 1/2% alcohol content beer. And, let see what it tastes like. Wow, nice big half liter bottle, everybody wants this. It has a little bit of a darker color, not as smooth in the aftertaste, has a quite a strong after taste.

But, all around it’s a nice beer to drink. You don’t feel the higher alcohol content. Between the Dreher or with the pilsner at 4 1/2 this is 6 1/2 and you really can’t feel the difference tasting it. I guess when you drink 4 or 5 bottles of it it does have a different effect after that. As I mentioned we have two famous brands, one is Dreher, which is probably the oldest beer producing company in Hungary.

And, Borsodi, they own, these two beer companies together own most of the famous beer brands that are available in Hungary. Hungary, by the way is located in the middle of Europe, surrounded, right next to, between Austria, and Eukrane and Romania and Czeck Republic, Slavakia, and Slavania and Croatia. So, we got all these neighbors. And, we are big beer drinkers, and big wine drinkers as well, and all together we are big drinkers. So, if you come to Hungary you will find lost of good local beer. Make sure you try the local beer when you’re here. .