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HOW TO DRINK BRANDY PROPERLY | Brandy and Chocolate Tasting – Stellenbosch, South Africa

Alright we checked out of our hotel today and we are going to Stellenbosch We’re actually almost there but we’re doing a pit stop to do some brandy tasting. Brandy and chocolate right? Brandy and chocolate, 2 amazing things, so uh yeah let’s get it! We just walked in and I can smell the brandy, it’s strong. What is this Coribbia? It is five-year brandy with peach and apricot juice. Mmm. Wonderful mmm. Smells amazing. So if you plan to visit Stellenbosch while visiting South Africa, consider experiencing a brandy tasting at Van Ryn’s. It is here where we learned the proper way to drink brandy so I’m going to show you exactly what we learned at Van Ryn’s about how to do this the right way.

So here is what we learned with brandy. So it’s not like wine you know how like with wine you like twirl it in your hands and then smell it? Okay you don’t do that with brandy. What you do first of all you pick it up like this because you want your body heat to kind of warm it up. And then you hold it below your nose but not like directly under your nose you want to be able to smell it from a distance because it’s too strong if you just put it all up in your nose real quick right so you hold it here.

Take in the aromas and then slowly lift and then you can smell. Then you also want to hold it at an angle to see the color. Now with brandy the darker the older and the better. The darker, the better basically and then you may sip. But you don’t you don’t drink a lot of it at once. Just a little bit. So powerful. Coribbia likes this.

I’m not a brandy girl. But it’s an experience, it’s lovely. Ashley’s just not as sophisticated as I am. I’m not sophisticated, I’m sorry I’m just not. Okay now so for my favorite part this is a chocolate and brandy tasting. It’s a pairing right? Okay so what you do is you take the chocolate, take the chocolate. Get this chocolate out of here. Oh wait l’m supposed to be sophisticated. You take the chocolate out of…okay let me put the camera down. Okay so you take the chocolate and you don’t put all of it in your mouth (that’s what she said). Take a little bite. You take a little bit. Now, you don’t swallow it. God, this just sounds awful. You don’t swallow the chocolate (ok that sounds even worse). How do I say this? Just let it rest on your tongue hmm Okay but don’t let it go down (giggles) and then you take a sip just like this this.

And then you eat it. Ridiculous Cori says it tastes delicious. It tastes…strong. But Cori likes it. Brandy tasting was a success! Alright so after watching this you should now know how to hold your brandy how to smell your brandy and the proper way to eat chocolate with your brandy. If you enjoyed this video give it a thumbs up and subscribe for more travel and lifestyle tips. .