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Well can we interest you in a Merlot made from grapes grown in the French Riviera yes you can how about our Cabernet courtesy of a small French family only sir DS is live with a woman who did not quit her day job to open a wine distribution company hi who I mean who does they want to start their morning up in here you don’t want the coals to get out let me close that door you guys this is my new BFF this is Callie with a Bell V sharp I love it what I love the most about this Kelly is your story by day she is an attorney and by night I mean this is her side hustle yourself why that’s right I do I import some of you have a full French wines I love it okay come over here so we can show people what I love about this not only lose your shirt but also these wines all have amazing stories you actually know all of the winemakers for the wines that you import that’s right I actually personally go over to France and I look for the bed a tough gig I know right it’s really hard I know but I go to France and I personally try to find the best wines to bring over and I meet these families and I focus on small family wineries I know it’s wonderful you actually have relationships for instance these first two yes so the first two of these wines are made by Christian roof annatto from domain Renato he is the mayor of his little tiny town in the air there’s only like a thousand people that live in this town huh these wines are amazing anyways and so I bring them in this is a rose a that is really delicious L’Enfant is like a GSN like a Grenache move edgar Syrah blend that is fantastic like tri-tip things like that oh yeah so Chateau de Leon is there’s a woman winemaker named veronik Veronique it’s mati she’s in Groff and she heard her husband bought this dilapidated old Chateau and she decided she was gonna bring it back to life Chateau de Leon means the Lyoness house the house of the lioness love it it’s really cool and she makes amazing wines totally win award one wins Awards won best of class at the LA International Wine this last but this the winemakers of this wine are the reason you started this side hustle that’s right that’s exactly right so this beautiful saw turned so we were over in France my husband and I and we were visiting some good friends and my friend knew that I was obsessed with French wine so he took us over to this little house of wine as Mazzone divan and saw turn and I met crystal who is this the sister of the her and the brothers who have been making wine their family for six generations Wow so we’re talking to them and she says to me gosh you know I always wanted to import to the US but we’re too small the big importers they’re not interested Kelly says you know what we might could do we might be able to and there we go labelled tea shop is open and now she’s got this a fabulous little distributing company right here in West Sacramento and I love it what’s cool is these are all of the white that she just told you about but you even have a wine club so you can taste some of these but you can also become a member of the Sabbath right you can buy my wines online at lbv – opcom or you can join our wine club $50 every three months you get two beautiful wines I love it we also carry champagne in January we always put a champagne that is amazing as you can see we’ve got our shipment ready to go out for October it’s super I feel like a few of us will be signing up I bet this makes the day job just a little bit easier all right Kelly thank you so much we’ve got our website our website linked up to ours a good day Sacramento I just need to show you this the blue the blue light dad made this room right here that’s just to let you know that there is someone inside okay good all right what color does it turn when there’s two people inside